The High School (HS) Zero Robotics program is a self-select robotics competition but the WV Robotics Alliance does want to help you form a team.  Please feel free to contact me at or for more information you can also go to:

Tournament time period

HS Zero Robotics is a fall competition usually taking place from September-December and the Finals tournament in January.   It is geared towards students in grades 9-12.  This is an international event open to all teams from the US and member states of the European Space Agency.

Tournament Objective

The participants compete to win a technically challenging game by programming their strategies into the SPHERES satellites. The game is motivated by a current problem of interest to DARPA, NASA and MIT.  Student software controls satellite speed, rotation, direction of travel, etc.  Depending on the game premise, the students must program their satellites to complete game objectives (navigate obstacles, pick up virtual objects, etc.) while conserving resources (fuel, charge, etc.) and staying within specified time and code-size limits.  The programs are “autonomous” – that is, the students cannot control the satellites during the test itself.

Eligibility Rules 

Please check out: