Upcoming LEGO Robotics Competitions

Do you…
…have an interest in LEGO Robotics and need a challenge?
…need a team activity for FLL now that World Class is over?
…want to have a blast building and programming a robot to conquer them all?

Enter the challenges at the WV Robo-XPO!  

On February 28 and March 21, at Fairmont Senior High School join us for the WV Robo-XPO!   This event is FREE, and a good way to keep your team excited about robotics, or to introduce new kids to robotics.  We are having competitions in Lego Sumo, Line-Following Races, Robot Jousting, and Robot Bowling.  You can choose which challenges you want to enter at each event.  The events will also include a Jr.FLL Expo as part of the day, and demonstrations of FIRST Tech Challenge robots as they prepare for their competition.
For complete information about the WV Robo-XPO, including rules to the challenges, check out the website by clicking here!
…and click here to register a team.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please email WestSideRoboticsFWV@gmail.com.
See you there!


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