It would be impossible for us to accommodate the growing number of programs and events that we offer without the dedication and support of our patrons and volunteers.  If you are able, we would love to have your support by volunteering with and/or donating to the WV Robotics Alliance.


To Donate:

The WV Robotics Alliance thrives on its donations of all sizes from private and public entities.  To donate, please fill out this form and select “other” as the designation.  In the text box below, type “WV Robotics Alliance.”

If you would like to fund a team, or have specific questions about supporting our programs, please contact Todd Ensign, Program Manager at or 304-367-8438.


To Volunteer:

Our biggest need for volunteers is at at one-day robotics tournaments that run from November – March.  There are a variety of different needs, from skilled STEM professionals to cleanup crews.  Each program has specific processes for volunteering, but you can view of our calendar of events here and submit general interest below.