STARS Program Description


Successful Transition Assistance for Robotics Students


What is STARS?

STARS is a unique partnership between the West Virginia Department of Education and the NASA IV&V Educator Resource center that provides opportunities in robotics education and competition for students in programs run by the WVDE Office of Diversion and Transition Programs (ODTP).  All ODTP students participate in an annual, immersive robotics experience that involves programming, building, robotics applications, and competitions at their schools using the VEX IQ platform.  This experience is enhanced for students by curricular applications and resources made available to educators through professional development sessions.  Following the experience, eligible students are given the opportunity to continue with robotics programs as they transition to WV public schools. 


How does it work?

Eligible students are identified and recommended by ODTP Transition Specialists. Once a student has been identified as a STARS student, the NASA IV&V Educator Resource Center works with the public school to provide training, supplies, and regular support to the public school as they establish a robotics program. 


Who is Eligible?

Any middle school (grades 6-8) student who transitions from an ODTP school into a WV public school.



For More information, please contact:

Michael Lyden

Robotics Education Specialists/STARS Project Manager