FIRST LEGO League World Class Challenge Release

Posted By R. Utzman on

Earlier today, the FLL World Class challenge was released!  FIRST LEGO League teams now have access to everything they need to prepare for the fun and excitement of the 2014 season.  The focus of this year’s challenge is learning.  FLL teams from all over the world will examine how they learn, what they learn, and the ways learning has changed.  This year, teams will develop a question about how learning can be improved.  Once a team has their question they will brainstorm, research, and come up with an innovative solution.  Lastly, teams will share their solution with others and present at tournaments.  At tournaments, teams will also compete in the World Class robot game which features over a dozen challenges that will test teams’ creativity in programming and design.  For more information about the World Class challenge, project, or robot game please visit the Challenge Page on the FIRST website.  


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