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FLL Registration System:

How do I register my  FIRST LEGO League team?

Team are registered on the FIRST website, You will need to create an account, look for the sign up button in the upper right corner.

What is the Youth Protection Program?  Why do I have to do it, and why do I need a background check to volunteer with FIRST? 

When you register, you must adhere to the FIRST Youth Protection Policy (YPP).  This set of standards is used to ensure the safety and well being of all children who participate in FIRST programs.  A background check is necessary for anyone who works or volunteers with youth, even if you are already background checked through your employer or another organization.

FLL Regional Qualifier System:

How does the FLL regional qualifier system work in West Virginia?

In 2017, there will be ten regional qualifying events.  FIRST LEGO League teams may attend only one regional qualifier.  The events will be held in Wheeling, Morgantown, Romney, Martinsburg, Bridgeport, Shepherdstown, Bluefield, Parkersburg, Charleston, Lewisburg, and Huntington.   Teams that advance from the qualifier will be able to attend the State Tournament in Fairmont on Saturday December 2, 2017.

How do I register for a regional qualifier?

After completing team registration at, your lead coaches will receive an email containing the link to the event registration form. Because this is a manual process, this email may take up to 72 hours to arrive.

Who moves on from regional qualifiers to the state tournament?

 Teams who perform well overall in judging and score in the top 40% during the robot game will be invited to compete at the state championship tournament.

**Disclaimer:  Receiving a trophy or winning in one category at a regional qualifier does not guarantee an invitation to the state tournament.  Ex: A team may win first place in Project, but do very poorly otherwise; hence not qualifying for the state tournament.

Which qualifier should my team attend?

Your team may attend whichever qualifier they choose**. The qualifiers are spread out to make them more accessible to everyone in the state, however just because a qualifier is near your location that does not mean you must go to that specific qualifier.

**When you register, you will be asked to rank the locations in order of preference.  We will try our best to give every team their first choice, however this may not be possible because of event capacity limits.

If you have questions about any of the FIRST programs that are not answered above, please feel free to contact the FIRST VISTAs or FIRST Senior Mentor listed on the Contact Page.

FLL Events:

Can my team use technology in any of our presentations?

You may use technology if you would like, but it is not encouraged since technology errors are inexcusable during presentations.  Be cautious of electricity availability, internet accessibility, and unplanned issues.  For example, if you rely on a laptop and it automatically updates during your presentation or you forget the charger at home, you are left with no presentation.  

What is the difference between a scrimmage and a qualifying tournament?

A scrimmage is an informal event meant to help teams gauge weaknesses and strengths prior to an official competition.  Scrimmages are not required events.

A qualifying tournament is an official competition.  If you advance from a qualifying tournament, you will move on to the state championship tournament.  Qualifying tournaments are required events..